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What is this functionality, and how can I reserve a space?

Using this functionality, you can reserve a space today and use it on the reservation day(s). To use it, you need to have a credit card linked to your account and Express Entry activated in the Parkings section.

Remember that if you have a reservation, you do not need to take a ticket at the car park entrance. You can enter and leave as many times as you want during the payment period or stay for more time than originally reserved. In this case, your credit card will be charged for the extra time based on the car park prices.

You can pay for the reservation through the app by credit card or PayPal and view prices by creating your reservation in the main menu by pressing Book Parking:

1. Select the car park
2. Mark the day(s) you want to reserve
3. Choose the start date and time
4. Check the dates and times before confirming the reservation
5. Click on Make reservation

Before making the reservation, remember that once accepted, you cannot change the date or time. You can only change the vehicle number plate assigned to your reservation.

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