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How do I use GPS when parking?

You can access the map with the GPS location of your vehicle when making payment after selecting the number plate, the city where you are going to park and the type of zone (blue/green, etc.).

The app uses the mobile device’s GPS to help plot your position when you are purchasing your parking ticket. However, we suggest that payment is made inside the vehicle. It is not the app that finds your position, but the phone which passes the coordinates to the app. This happens with all apps which use GPS, the precision is controlled by the smartphone.

These coordinates and GPS precision depend on many factors: device, buildings, clouds, pollution, etc. which affect the precision of GPS positioning which can have a margin of error of up to 50 metres.

Although the app locates you at a specific point when confirming the ticket, we recommend that you always check that your mobile has located you correctly to avoid getting a ticket in the incorrect zone.

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